A Cloud-based support platform designed for furniture banks

A high-tech, low-investment way to help end furniture poverty

Scale Without High Costs.

This isn’t just a service. This is how Toronto Furniture Bank operates every day. Leverage the same tactics and programs we use to run our furniture bank. Take advantage of the $1,000,000+ investment we’ve made to customize Salesforce specifically for furniture banks.

Generate More Revenue

Leverage Toronto Furniture Bank's sales team to increase the number of booked pickups, earning you more revenue and freeing up time for your employees and volunteers to focus on your operations.

Increase pickup & Client Capacity

Reinvest the time and money into your employees and operations. By freeing up time with a dedicated sales team, you can focus on customer service, logistics, and helping more clients.

Data-Driven Impact Reporting

Track inventory throughout its complete journey from pickup to delivery. Use this data to tell your impact story through internationally recognized impact methodology.

What's Included in the Furniture Bank Support Service?

Customized Salesforce Platform

For over a decade, Toronto Furniture Bank has made customizations to Salesforce designed to run a furniture bank. This custom platform includes an online portal for agencies to submit and track referrals and enables you to track inventory from in-kind donation pickups to client deliveries. Essentially, you can track your entire operations within this customized Salesforce platform. 

Comprehensive Reporting

Use reports to understand your operations: delivery and in-kind donation details, furniture delivery metrics, furniture flow (in and out), and family demographics. Plus, you’ll also get access to internationally recognized social impact measurement reports. Measure your social return on investment by taking into account your impact on the environment, economy, and your community.   

Social Enterprise Sales

Make your limited resources work better for you. Rely on Toronto Furniture Bank’s dedicated sales team to book your in-kind furniture removal services. All leads and bookings are coordinated through a centralized location and passed back to your team for collection. We’ll use our trained staff to deal with the tough customers and get the best value for your service. 

National Tax Receipting

Take advantage of national in-kind donation values that follow CRA guidelines. These values are housed within Salesforce for your reference. Additionally, export your in-kind donation data to create your tax receipts. In the future, we hope to automate this process so you can issue tax receipts directly from Salesforce. 

Branding Tools

Get access to common assets, templates, and materials for branding and marketing (i.e., truck wrap designs for national consistency). Or see if there is something from our growing library of marketing assets to leverage in your community. 

Online Training and Learning

Learning a new system can be overwhelming. Use online training modules to understand Salesforce at your own pace. As new questions come up, new modules will be added. There’s also an online resource centre on furniture banking best practices.

Furniture Bank Network

The Furniture Bank Network (FBN) is a collection of furniture banks from across North America. Communicate and collaborate with like-minded people to share best practices and ideas. By being part of the Furniture Bank Network, you’ll also have an opportunity to participate in corporate donation opportunities. 

The FBN is sponsored by Furniture Link.

Corporate Reuse Projects

Corporate support often goes to national players, making it incredibly challenging for local furniture banks to take advantage of items that would drastically improve your community. Coordinating together as a national group piques the interest of the corporate players. Centrally coordinated through Toronto Furniture Bank, use corporate reuse projects to increase funding and furniture supply. Example: IKEA COVID-19 Relief Donation

How Much Does it Cost?

This pricing model covers our incremental costs while providing you with new capabilities and benefits. We’ve fundraised the onboarding costs ourselves.

Set Up Costs

$5000 set up fee*. 

*Currently waived due to fundraising.

Annual Costs

Salesforce licenses equal to approximately $30 per user per month (~$360/user per year). 

Social Enterprise Costs

$10,000 in pickup bookings

Minus ~$800 (based on an approximate 8% fee) 

Means your organization receives ~$9,200.

New Capacity. More Revenue. Consistent Data. That's the Furniture Bank Support Service.

Focus your limited resources on supporting local charitable activities without the costs, skillsets and time to create your own information system. Save costs and risks associated with developing and maintaining your own IT processes, and benefit from new and expanded revenue-generating social enterprise activities through Toronto Furniture Bank and associated corporate partners.